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NIESEN GmbH & Co. KG became a GOCELO partner




GOCELO continues to expand its partner network

Peter Niesen GmbH & Co. Internationale Möbelspedition KG became a GOCELO partner on 1 January 2023. 

Since its foundation in 1892, the NIESEN company has developed into a traditional medium-sized company in Leverkusen. The company is a reliable, qualified and established logistics provider and mover with many years of experience. In addition, the company sees itself as a full service provider that is a flexible and innovative centre for logistical issues. As a member of the German Furniture Moving Association (DMS), they are part of a nationwide and internationally active network of efficient logistics and moving companies. At the same time, DMS membership is comparable to a seal of quality. Moving things - optimising processes - creating spaces: NIESEN does this in a wide variety of ways with conceivably different solutions.

The company headquarters are located in Leverkusen, in the immediate vicinity of Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf - in the heart of Germany and Europe. From this central location, they can operate quickly, flexibly and efficiently.

Axel Schurbaum, Managing Director of GOCELO Headquarters Europe: We are pleased that such a powerful partner as NIESEN has joined the GOCELO network. On the one hand, it expands our presence and covers a larger area in Leverkusen. On the other hand, NIESEN has extensive experience and technical equipment. We are convinced that these people (Markus Kalker, Mark Hartmann and Peter Niesen) are the right people for us.

Below you will find an interview we recently did with Markus Kalcker, Managing Director of NIESEN, and Marc Hartmann, Deputy Manager Object Logistics, NIESEN. We talked about the company itself, future plans and the partnership with GOCELO.


What differentiates your company from the competition in last-mile logistics?

Basically, we would say that we differentiate ourselves through our versatility. Today, we can offer a variety of last-mile logistics solutions. These include high value logistics, e-commerce, new furniture logistics or inventory. We are constantly and continuously solving the logistical problems of our customers. Thanks to our broad service portfolio, which we have expanded again and again over the years, we are active in many areas. A small example of this is, among other things, the transport and bringing in of clinical equipment with our crane-container system.

Due to our 130 years of existence, we have been able to prove our efficiency for several decades. Throughout the different generations, we have always tried to think one step ahead. Whether on the subject of technology, sustainability or digitalisation. There are a few examples of this, such as our first loading crane truck. As early as 1990, our first special truck with integrated crane unit was designed and produced as a one-off. This was unique at the time and gave us a clear technological lead in our region. Thanks to crane technology, we were already able to offer special logistics solutions in the 90s. We always try to be very close to our customers and to enter into a long-term partnership.


Why are you joined the GOCELO network?

The talks with Axel Schurbaum were very exciting and trustworthy from the first meeting. We noticed straight away that this network consists of strong, competent and efficient logistics service providers. Moreover, GOCELO's corporate philosophy matches our own. Like GOCELO, we see ourselves as partners for our customers. Every day we try to answer the logistical questions that arise and to offer logistical solutions in the end. With our existing expertise, we will try to integrate ourselves quickly into the network and make our contribution. We also already have the first joint project in the pipeline. We are currently pushing ahead with the planning with the customer and fixing the first implementation dates. In the comig years, we are looking forward to the upcoming tasks and the cooperation within the GOCELO network.


What are your plans for your company's development in the next few years?

In general, our world has become very volatile, uncertain, complex and ambivalent. The Corona pandemic, the Ukraine war, the increased fuel prices or the current energy issue have once again drastically changed the entire environment. In the coming years, we will therefore face further challenges. In doing so, we are trying to further strengthen our established business areas and expand them through new business sectors. The topics of social change, technology as well as environment and climate also play a central role for us. In the coming years, we will try to further reduce our CO2 emissions. One of the ways we are doing this is through electric technology. The first electric vehicles have already arrived in our fleet and we have placed further orders. Our 10,000 m2 photovoltaic roof has been generating solar energy since 2010, which we feed into our energy grid and use for our logistics centre. These are just two examples of measures we have already taken.

Social change has arrived in every sector. In the coming years, starting around 2025, the baby boomers will retire, which will make the situation even more acute. As a result, our employees will become even more important. For us, the social components are very important. Health management, employee development and individual home office solutions play a major role for us. In addition, we have managed to promote a generational change in recent years. This has resulted in strong synergies between experienced colleagues and new colleagues. This has enabled us to further optimise the digitalisation and modernisation of work processes, among other things. As a company, we are very proud of the path we have taken and will continue to push it forward in the coming years.


Where do you see the greatest opportunities for medium-sized logistics service providers in last mile logistics in the coming years?

In our opinion, the term "resilience" takes on a central role here. The resilience of medium-sized logistics service providers was demonstrated above all by the Corona pandemic. Within a very short time, we as an industry have adapted and come to terms with it. Through special health concepts, we were able to continue to provide logistics services and be there for our customers. As a result, the area of high value logistics in particular has increased for us. In our region, we serve a large number of clinics and laboratories. During the Corona pandemic, they reached their capacity limits, so that we became more and more involved in logistical problems. Especially here we noticed how systemically relevant the medium-sized logistics service providers are for our society. Through our logistical expertise, flexibility and efficiency, we have been able to solve various problems. As a result, the cohesion between our customers has grown even more. Above all, the clinics and laboratories in our region know that they can rely on us and that we are at their side as a partner.

This is also where we see the greatest opportunities in the coming years. The fact that many developments and events are no longer linear means that there are more and more service opportunities for us. Thanks to our flexible and versatile logistics portfolio, we can react in the shortest possible time and answer new logistics questions as they arise.


GOCELO has locations in Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria and solves requirements in other European countries with established cooperation partners. 

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