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Fév 20,2023
Axel SchurbaumCEO 2 min read

Last Mile Helping Hands

GOCELO's aim is to continuously improve customer service by providing additional support in the final stages of the delivery process. One such additional service is the Last Mile Helping Hand Services. Read more
Fév 18,2023
Axel SchurbaumCEO 2 min read

Case study „Cellomat“ – High tech on the final mile

A start-up company from Israel has developed a machine with which they want to spread a new way of trading mobile phones. The "Cellomat" works like an ordinary vending machine, but instead of a coin, a smartphone is inserted. Read more
Fév 18,2023
Axel SchurbaumCEO 1 min read

High Tech for High Value Logistics: Sano Liftkar HD 330b

We are always anxious to optimize our performance potential for you. Our GOCELO partner in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, for example, uses this "automatic stair climber" to transport heavy loads safely over several floors when no elevator is available. In this way, your goods reach their destination undamaged and we can work for you with less personnel, saving you time. Read more