The unique challenges of moving High-Tech Companies

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Axel SchurbaumCEO

When high-tech companies open new offices, the focus is not only on maintaining corporate identity with the right furniture and equipment, but also on integrating the IT infrastructure, protecting sensitive data and minimising downtime to ensure business continuity. For giants such as Google, Amazon and IBM, the challenge is compounded by complex systems and large numbers of employees. The goal is to be up and running in the new location immediately, while maintaining security protocols and uninterrupted operations to preserve the integrity of the organisation.

GOCELO’s Approach to Corporate Moves

1. Detailed Planning and Coordination: Every successful corporate move starts with meticulous planning. GOCELO assigns a dedicated project manager to work closely with your team, understanding your specific needs, timelines, and any potential challenges. This involves detailed site surveys, inventory management, and developing a custom logistics plan that aligns with your corporate objectives.

2. Specialized Packing and Handling: Corporate moves often involve the transportation of sensitive equipment and proprietary information. GOCELO employs specialized packing techniques and materials to ensure the safe and secure handling of all items, from high-value technology assets to confidential documents.

3. Advanced IT Relocation Services: Understanding the critical role of technology in today’s corporations, GOCELO offers advanced IT relocation services. This includes the careful dismantling, transportation, and reinstallation of IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

4. Post-Move Services: The job isn’t done once the last box is unpacked. GOCELO provides post-move support to ensure everything is functioning as it should, from IT systems to furniture layout adjustments, helping your team to settle in and get back to business as usual.

The difference between moving high-tech companies and other types lies in the scale, sensitivity, and the need for meticulous planning and execution. With GOCELO, big corporations have a trusted partner capable of navigating these complexities, ensuring a move that is not just about relocating physical assets, but also about transitioning with confidence, security, and continuity.

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